Prices (per person) incl. guide*:

Hour(s): DKK €uro
1/2 (pony-kids) 150 20
1 Landtour 300 40
1 1/2 beachtour 450 60
2 1/2 beachtour, only in summer 750 100

*The tourprice includes that we spend ½ an hour more together, preparing the horses and giving instructions to the riders.


Tourriding along the beach, in wood- and protected areas.
The tours are of different lenghts, depending on your form and experience in riding.
We are riding Iceland Horses. 

Riders sould be at least 9 years old.
Small kids can be leaded on the riding-ground by their parents.
Remember to sign up for the tours.
Riders max. 90 kg.

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